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I reblog ZE:A stuffs mostly. Then TVXQ, U-KISS, BIGSTAR, Royal Pirates related things. Robert Sheehan and series aren't that rare, are they?

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Gyuri for Arena Homme Plus Magazine November Issue ‘14

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Me waiting for Moon Leader to come back.

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ZE:A’s hug, pass it on.

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As I am an only child, the ZE:A members, who have been with me for a long time, are more than just a team, but family..
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Okay, time to go, tired. Good night you all

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I went to the movies today to see Annabelle. I was with five friends of mine. Three of them got so scared… One of them almost jumped on me, like I saw her feet flying in the air XD I wish I could get scared at least once while watching these movies. I either stay calm or laugh. Sometimes I comment on random and irrevelant to the movies stuffs, like “The dresses are kind of cool…”. Once in a while, I’d actually show the story some interest like “But… are you stupid? This will obviously make things go ten times worse in the future…”

I guess I think too much about the storyline to get scared… Well, I have a good tolerance too… But my friends were so much fun to watch! XD I cannot, like “Eee! The devil’s mark!” “Eee, dear lord, that’s no good, what are they doing? I’m not watching, you tell me”

Oh and I was really disappointed. I waited, waited, waited and… waited some more, hoping to reach that one moment when everything goes wild and intense, so perhaps, perhaps, I’d get scared. But then the movie ended and I still was waiting. It wasn’t a bad movie but… that wasn’t scary at all. Some scenes were a bit… well… ridiculous. Though, The Conjuring was okay, not scary but okay. I don’t get it.

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140915 Im Siwan @ ZE:A Tokyo Fanmeeting

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140915 Hyungsik & Dongjun & Heecheol & Siwan @ ZE:A Tokyo Fanmeeting

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